The new technologies that have caused such upheaval are interrelated and overlap to some degree. They include:

Computers. They began to gain a foothold back in the 1980s and are now found in almost every aspect of modern life, in one form or another.
New communication technologies. 3G, the internet, mobile phones, and wifi technology have all contributed to a world where people and information can be accessed from virtually anywhere.
Digital formats. The digital format for storing information has revolutionized how all sorts of information—photos, documents, music, videos, and more—are stored and transmitted.
Multifunctional devices. Modern devices can often now perform multiple tasks, which would have been performed by many different devices previously. For instance, we now have single mobile devices that are a telephone, internet browser, camera, video player, webcam, music player, etc. all in one.
New military weapons. Pilotless drone aircraft, for example, are becoming increasingly uncommon, as technology advances, but they are proving to be very controversial. Cyberwarfare is another area where modern technology is increasingly becoming militarized.

In this article, we will review the various advantages and disadvantages of technology. Let me know what you think about the ever-evolving world of technology in the comments below!

Technology… is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.

— Carrie Snow, American stand-up comic

Here are several examples of how technology is improving the world.

Image by Jae Rue from Pixabay

The Advantages of Technology
Internet and Mobile Technology Has Improved Home- and Work-Life
Thanks to the internet and mobile technologies, we can communicate with anyone in the world and form relationships with people who are some distance away, rather than being limited to people within our physical vicinity. This has some great positives for both home-life and work-life. In regards to work-life, employees are able to communicate with co-workers from anywhere, which allows more employees to work from home.

Automation Has Improved Manufacturing Practices
The increased automation of manufacturing and many other jobs, thanks to computers, means greater efficiency, fewer people doing boring, repetitive jobs, and an increase in flexibility regarding work times. Many jobs can now be done remotely, thanks to the internet, with many workers increasingly being able to work from home at times of their choosing. This freedom cuts down on carbon emissions due to the lack of commuters and makes for a happier employee.

There Is a Greater Wealth of Information Available
The wealth of information that is now available is astonishing. In theory, at least, having access to the internet means having access to almost all of the world’s knowledge. Increasingly, we don’t even need to sit at a desk to access the information either, as mobile devices become more and more powerful. With this wealth of information, we are able to make learning more accessible and affordable, therefore creating a more educated society.

The Entertainment Industry Has Grown
The entertainment industry has experienced a revolution. Consumers now have an incredible choice of movies, shows, games, music, and other entertainment available 24/7. The music and film industries have been democratized as artists are no longer reliant on companies to fund and promote them, as they can do it all themselves. It is easier to bring entertainment to all thanks to subscription costs and plans that are far more reasonable than buying tickets for a live show.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

— Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

Technology Is Self-Sufficient
Technology can now be used to advance itself. Science is benefiting massively from the lightning speeds that computers can perform calculations and investigate complex questions that would take humans many lifetimes to answer. Medical breakthroughs and chemical and astronomical discoveries have all been made due to computers. This frees up time and allows people to enjoy their freedom.

Technology Is a Time-Saver
Modern technology saves us lots of time, whether it’s our computer regulated cars driving us to work, washing machines to do our laundry, or automated banking to allow us to pay by credit card, use internet banking, or get cash out from the ATM. This extra time allows our society’s biggest brains to continue developing more advanced technology.

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Devices and Machines Function More Efficiently
Computer regulation and automation mean that many devices and machines now function much more efficiently and use less power, either because they are working at the most efficient rate, or they automatically switch themselves off when not in use. Without needing to constantly repair machines, we only need to focus on improving pre-existing technology, which costs far less. There are also environmental benefits due to the efficiency of these machines. As green energy becomes more popular, technology adapts by running on solar panels and wind turbines.

The ‘@’ symbol has become synonymous with email in the modern world. As well as being a convenient way to send letters and photos, however, emails can also contribute to a sense of ‘information overload’ for many people, especially in the workplace.


The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.

— Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft

Now let’s look at several disadvantages of technology and how they affect us.

Image by Jae Rue from Pixabay

The Disadvantages of Technology
There Is a Lack of Human Relations
Human relations are diminished in the virtual world. As online social networking increasingly replaces real face-to-face and physical contact, alienation can increase, as well as problems such as cyber-bullying, online stalking, and cybercrime, which are related to the anonymity of the internet. Humans are social animals, so a lack of physical contact could lead to depression and anxiety. If we become detached from real-world communications, it will be difficult to be a functioning member of society and interact with others in a professional setting.

Humans Are Valued Less
Human beings are less and less valued in the workplace as their roles are replaced by computers. Outsourcing has meant bigger profits for companies, but a decline in wages and conditions and more unemployment for ordinary workers, especially in Western nations. Multinational corporations are increasingly impossible to control by individual nation-states. It is estimated that 20 million jobs will be replaced by robots by 2030. This means that we must use our innovativeness to create new jobs for those whose skills can be automated.

Technology is such a broad kind of term, it really applies to so many things, from the electric light to running cars on oil. All of these different things can be called technology. I have kind of a love-hate relationship with it, as I expect most people do. With the computer, I spend so many hours sitting in front of a computer.

— Jeff Bridges, American actor

Privacy Issues Have Increased
Issues of privacy have only increased as it becomes difficult to control personal information in the digital and internet world. Financial details can be hacked into, candid photos or videos posted on the web, slurs, and accusations made against people’s characters, and personal identities can be stolen. With password managers, although they make it so you don’t need to memorize anything, it is really easy for someone who steals a computer and gain instant access to private accounts. And with site cookies, your information may not be encrypted, and thus be accessed by anyone.

Intellectual Property Theft and Piracy Makes It Difficult for Creatives to Make Money
Intellectual property theft and piracy have made it more and more difficult for creative people to make any money from their output. Media can be digitalized and then distributed across the internet very easily, and the process seems impossible to control. Ultimately, it will lead to a decline in artistic and creative quality, as people no longer have the time and funds to pursue projects. It can be difficult and time-consuming to track down every thief or pirate, and there are often legal hurdles in the way.

The technological revolution has completely changed how we communicate with each other. Texting and video conversations are now commonplace.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Society Has Grown Dependent
Modern societies are increasingly dependent on technology. So much so, that many core services such as hospitals, power grids, airports, rail and road transport systems, and military defenses can now be knocked out by cyber attack or a catastrophic failure. Humans would be almost helpless if the technology was taken away overnight. We have stopped making things with our own hands and learning how to live off the land.

There Is an Overwhelming Amount of Information
We are increasingly becoming overwhelmed by the information overload that modern technology brings, as we are bombarded by irrelevant emails, sales telephone calls, text messages, internet advertising, etc. Rather than saving us time, new technology means that we are expected to process more and more information and work even more intensively. Feeling pressured to constantly be up to date can be exhausting and enact a mental toll.

Technology Causes Environmental Problems
Technology brings all sorts of environmental problems. As well as machines and devices often being made from toxic or non-biodegradable materials, most technologies need a power source, which can often mean an increase in the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels. Aside from power, some technology produces materials that are toxic. Although farming technology allows for cheaper and more diverse food options, the technology that makes it all—such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers—can be detrimental to humans and the environment.

Technology Can Be Dehumanizing
Technology has a general dehumanizing effect. Aside from the workplace, the military is increasingly becoming more technological. An example is pilotless drone aircraft, which can attack and kill people with the controller thousands of miles away. This causes a disconnect, which is particularly dangerous when it comes to human lives.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently. But too often it seems to make things harder, leaving us with fifty-button remote controls, digital cameras with hundreds of mysterious features and book-length manuals, and cars with dashboard systems worthy of the space shuttle.

— James Surowiecki, American journalist

Technology: A Double-Edged Sword
The technological revolution will only continue—and we must learn how to adapt to all of this new technology.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every advancement made, so it is impossible to deem technology a good or bad thing. The only thing we can do is try to utilize our newfound knowledge and resources to improve our world, rather than destroy it.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers
Question: What are the disadvantages of digital technology?

Answer: Disadvantages might include: 1. Excessive use of social media leading to a decline and disconnect in real life interactions; 2. Digital devices used to copy and share material in breach of copyright laws, such as music, movies, etc; 3. Devices such as smartphones distracting users from work, education, driving, or even crossing the street; 4. Issues with personal privacy – digital information can be stolen and intercepted; 5. Online bullying using smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Question: What is technology?

Answer: Technology can mean: 1. The practical application of scientific knowledge. 2. A scientific invention, process, or method. 3. The branch of knowledge that deals with the practical application of science and engineering.

Question: How does technology contribute to education?

Answer: There are numerous ways technology contributes to education. Virtual communications mean that education can now be delivered remotely to people in far off places. Technology improves access for disabled people. Lessons can be delivered through a wide range of media, including video, audio, text, or images. There is an abundance of material available, including free online help. Students can also submit essays and take tests online.

Question: What are the advantages of digital technology?

Answer: Advantages include: the easy storage and transfer of large amounts of information; the relative ease with which data can be manipulated or updated, such as photo or video editing; the enabling of new technologies such as webcams, digital photography, and digital radio.

Question: How does technology limit creativity ?

Answer: Some people argue that technology produces a form of creative laziness. In music, for example, musicians no longer need to play instruments in real time, rather they can repeat and edit samples, which can require far less skill. Vocalists can sing out of tune and have their voices digitally perfected afterward. Technology enables plagiarism and copyright infringement too, this cheapens the value of the arts and creativity generally, especially images, music, and video. Why put in a lot of effort when your ideas can so easily be stolen? Another problem is that the internet encourages low-level browsing, rather than the deeper involvement and appreciation that comes from a bigger commitment from recipients. An unimaginative one sentence meme often does better than a creative fifteen-minute video.

Question: What is digital technology?

Answer: Digital information is specific information, typically words and images, that is recorded in binary code. Binary code is the combination of the digits 0 and 1, also known as bits. Digital technology can refer to physical devices that store, send, or use digital information, such as personal phones, tablets, or CD players. Digital technology can also refer to any system or method that utilizes digital information; the branch of knowledge that deals with digital systems, methods, etc.; or to the practical application of this knowledge.

© 2012 Paul Goodman

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The new advances that have created such disturbance are interrelated and cross-over somewhat. They include:

PCs. They started to restore a traction during the 1980s and are currently found in pretty much every part of present day life, in some structure.
New correspondence advancements. 3G, the web, cell phones, and wifi innovation have all added to a reality where individuals and data can be gotten to from basically anyplace.
Computerized designs. The computerized design for putting away data has changed how a wide range of data photographs, archives, music, recordings, and more-are put away and communicated.
Multifunctional gadgets. Current gadgets can regularly now play out various undertakings, which would have been performed by a wide range of gadgets already. For example, we currently have single cell phones that are a phone, web program, camera, video player, webcam, music player, and so forth across the board.
New military weapons. Pilotless robot airplane, for instance, are turning out to be progressively extraordinary, as innovation propels, yet they are ending up exceptionally dubious. Cyberwarfare is another region where present day innovation is progressively becoming mobilized.

In this article, we will survey the different benefits and burdens of innovation. Tell me your thought process about the steadily developing universe of innovation in the remarks beneath!

Innovation… is something strange. It carries you incredible gifts with one hand, and it betrays you with the other.

  • Carrie Snow, American professional comedian

The following are a few instances of how innovation is working on the world.

Picture by Jae Rue from Pixabay

The Advantages of Technology
Web and Mobile Technology Has Improved Home-and Work-Life
Because of the web and portable innovations, we can speak with anybody on the planet and structure associations with individuals who are some distance away, instead of being restricted to individuals inside our actual area. This has a few incredible up-sides for both home-life and work-life. Concerning work-life, representatives can speak with colleagues from anyplace, which permits more workers to telecommute.

Computerization Has Improved Manufacturing Practices
The expanded computerization of assembling and numerous different positions, on account of PCs, implies more prominent productivity, less individuals doing exhausting, redundant positions, and an expansion in adaptability in regards to work times. Many positions should now be possible from a distance, on account of the web, with numerous laborers progressively having the option to telecommute now and again fitting their personal preference. This opportunity eliminates fossil fuel byproducts because of the absence of suburbanites and makes for a more joyful representative.

There Is a Greater Wealth of Information Available
The abundance of data that is presently accessible is amazing. In principle, at any rate, approaching the web implies approaching practically the entirety of the world’s information. Progressively, we don’t have to sit at a work area to get to the data either, as cell phones become increasingly strong. With this abundance of data, we can make learning more available and reasonable, thusly making a more instructed society.

The Entertainment Industry Has Grown
Media outlets has encountered a transformation. Customers currently have an unbelievable selection of films, shows, games, music, and other amusement accessible day in and day out. The music and entertainment worlds have been democratized as specialists are as of now not dependent on organizations to finance and advance them, as they can do it all themselves. It is simpler to carry diversion to all gratitude to membership expenses and plans that are undeniably more sensible than purchasing tickets for a live show.

It has ended up being undeniable that our innovation has surpassed our mankind.

  • Albert Einstein, hypothetical physicist

Innovation Is Self-Sufficient
Innovation can now be utilized to propel itself. Science is benefiting hugely from the lightning speeds that PCs can perform estimations and research complex inquiries that would take people numerous lifetimes to reply. Clinical leap forwards and substance and cosmic disclosures have all been made because of PCs. This saves time and permits individuals to partake in their opportunity.

Innovation Is a Time-Saver
Present day innovation saves us bunches of time, whether it’s our PC managed vehicles driving us to work, clothes washers to do our clothing, or mechanized banking to permit us to pay with charge card, use web banking, or get cash out from the ATM. This additional time permits our general public’s greatest cerebrums to keep growing further developed innovation.

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Gadgets and Machines Function More Efficiently
PC guideline and computerization imply that numerous gadgets and machines presently work significantly more productively and utilize less power, either in light of the fact that they are working at the most proficient rate, or they consequently switch themselves off when not being used. Without expecting to continually fix machines, we just need to zero in on working on prior innovation, which costs undeniably less. There are additionally natural advantages because of the productivity of these machines. As environmentally friendly power energy turns out to be more famous, innovation adjusts by running on sunlight based chargers and wind turbines.

The ‘@’ image has become inseparable from email in the cutting edge world. As well similar to a helpful method for sending letters and photographs, in any case, messages can likewise add to a feeling of ‘data over-burden’ for some individuals, particularly in the work environment.


The main advantage of data innovation is that it enables individuals to would what they like to do. It allows individuals to be innovative. It allows individuals to be useful. It allows individuals to learn things they didn’t figure they could advance previously, thus as it were everything revolves around potential.

  • Steve Ballmer, previous CEO of Microsoft

Presently how about we take a gander at a few hindrances of innovation and what they mean for us.

Picture by Jae Rue from Pixabay

The Disadvantages of Technology
There Is a Lack of Human Relations
Human relations are reduced in the virtual world. As online long range informal communication progressively replaces genuine up close and personal and actual contact, estrangement can increment, as well as issues, for example, digital tormenting, web based following, and cybercrime, which are connected with the namelessness of the web. People are social creatures, so an absence of actual contact could prompt gloom and nervousness. In the event that we become withdrawn from true interchanges, it will be hard to be a working citizen and connect with others in an expert setting.

People Are Valued Less
People are less and less esteemed in the work environment as their jobs are supplanted by PCs. Reevaluating has implied greater benefits for organizations, however a decrease in wages and conditions and greater joblessness for customary specialists, particularly in Western countries. Worldwide organizations are progressively difficult to control by individual country states. It is assessed that 20 million positions will be supplanted by robots by 2030. This implies that we should utilize our ingenuity to make new positions for those whose abilities can be robotized.

Innovation is such a wide sort of term, it truly applies to such countless things, from the electric light to running vehicles on oil. These various things can be called innovation. I have sort of an affection disdain relationship with it, as I expect a great many people do. With the PC, I go through such countless hours sitting before a PC.

  • Jeff Bridges, American entertainer

Security Issues Have Increased
Issues of security have just expanded as it becomes challenging to control individual data in the computerized and web world. Monetary subtleties can be hacked into, genuine photographs or recordings posted on the web, slurs, and allegations made against individuals’ characters, and individual personalities can be taken. With secret key administrators, in spite of the fact that they fix things such that you don’t have to remember anything, it is truly simple for somebody who takes a PC and gain moment admittance to private records. Also, with site treats, your data may not be scrambled, and hence be gotten to by anybody.

Licensed innovation Theft and Piracy Makes It Difficult for Creatives to Make Money
Licensed innovation burglary and robbery have made it increasingly more hard for imaginative individuals to bring in any cash from their result. Media can be digitalized and afterward dispersed across the web effectively, and the cycle appears to be difficult to control. At last, it will prompt a decrease in imaginative and innovative quality, as individuals never again have the opportunity and assets to seek after projects. It tends to be troublesome and tedious to find each cheat or privateer, and there are frequently legitimate obstacles in the manner.

The innovative insurgency has totally changed how we speak with one another. Messaging and video discussions are currently typical.

Photograph by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Society Has Grown Dependent
Current cultures are progressively subject to innovation. To such an extent, that many center administrations, for example, clinics, power matrices, air terminals, rail and street transport frameworks, and military protections can now be taken out by digital assault or a disastrous disappointment. People would be practically vulnerable assuming that the innovation was removed for the time being. We have quit making things with our own hands and figuring out how to live off the land.

There Is an Overwhelming Amount of Information
We are progressively becoming overpowered by the data over-burden that advanced innovation brings, as we are besieged by insignificant messages, deals calls, instant messages, web publicizing, and so on As opposed to saving us time, new innovation implies that we are relied upon to handle increasingly more data and work much more seriously. Feeling compelled to continually be exceptional can be debilitating and authorize a psychological cost.

Innovation Causes Environmental Pr

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